World 4.0 and implications for us

When a new phenomenon takes ‘avatar’, the best way to deal with it is to give it a new name and look de novo at all the dimensions and attributes. It is almost akin to recognising the birth of a new baby in the family.
Our world 4.0 is well and truly here. The observers of industry took notice of it first, perhaps and gave it the name industry 4.0.  However, the implication of world 4.0 is equally telling on every other aspect of life including other groups, organisations, practices, people, and so on.
Why did Avatar 4.0 of the world happen ?
The coming together of many incremental technology innovations and reaching a tipping point has always caused the transformation of the world and hence lives over the past 2000 years (say). The 4.0 world is no different.
Computational capabilities of machines, arrival of cyber-physical systems, total penetration of mobile devices at near zero costs, cloud capabilities, are just some of the critical factors that have all come together to cause the transformational deluge 4.0 of most things that affect our life.  This with further high velocity innovations is likely to transform transportation, health, food, housing, education and so on.
Attributes 4.0 :
The avatar 4.0 comes with some attributes that represent the critical success factors for anything4.0.  These attributes are agile, price-performance disruption (10x), open and flexible, collaborative, on-demand (any-time, any-where), democratised & transparent.
Talent 4.0 :
Here, I will limit myself to the aspect of talent4.0 or education4.0 alone. We deal with just a few here such as campus 4.0, jobs 4.0, Start-up 4.0, Research 4.0, WAIN 4.0,
Campus 4.0 & Wain 4.0
Campus 4.0 will be agile, low-cost, flexible, on-demand (any-time/any-where) and collaborative between all stakeholders including other campuses or stakeholders within or without.
The education – research – innovation – entrepreneurship – wealth creation value chain has many stakeholders including individuals, institutions and  corporations. The outcome orientation towards measurable deliverables such as jobs, start-ups and value creation will hot up immensely. Campus 4.0 will win this battle against a conventional campus.  Innovative universities are already architecting the newer version of their campus 4.0 across the globe. Technology giants and EdTech start-ups are likely to be mission critical partners or may be, could end up being in the fray themselves. Watch this space carefully 🙂
GTM4.0 :
The importance of GTM for any new offering cannot be exaggerated. Notably, this is not limited to the first GTM of a new start-up but to any company of any size and experience.  Perhaps, the CSO/CBO/CMO of established companies are even more challenged because of the prevailing mindset.
DevOps, Agility, SAFE are just some of the known aspects of the GTM 4.0 thinking.  Geography, pricing, customer targeting, languages, voice and many more aspects of strategy are getting dismantled and newer successful discoveries experienced by entrepreneurs and CXOs.
Peak Performance 4.0 : When Technology meet spirituality
Hitherto unconnected fields connect with great synergies and that creates a new transformation.  Peak and sustained human performance at will is one such field that is of interest to brain researchers, doctors, researchers, technologists, organisational leaders, sports persons etc,.
Real time data, information and feedback from body and brain being used to enhance  centredness, concentration, calmness, decision making to achieve peak performance on a sustained basis for individuals and organisations in world 4.0
Steve Jobs believed in the spiritual guidance of Neem Karoli Baba in the Himalayas. Zuckerberg and Djokovic practice spirituality to achieve their peak performance. How can one use latest technologies to harness ancient spiritual wisdom  to deliver peak performance to individuals and organisations. This is a fascinating new science.  Researchers in medical schools and top campuses such as Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard are revisiting the medical school curriculum too in interesting ways.
Conclusion :
Foretelling the future is a fascinating job and could be downright risky too. However, nothing is more riskier than not trying to peer into the future.  The best option,mod course, is to do it through the eyes of a hundred thought leaders who are all future anchored and deeply immersed in the job of predicting or authoring the future through their research, insight and  genius.
MeltingPot brings them all for an exclusive and guards-down conversation in a closed room every year and in different parts of the world.  I stay as excited as ever since I get a privileged seat to listen to them all.
MeltingPot Zindabad !

"Hope this does not bore you to death. This is my effort to stay relevant by honing a skill or two with respect to the webworld" - Satya

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