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August 22, 2016

It is a joy reading these letters to me by the children of grades 8 and 9 at IWS Gurgaon. Do read and enjoy. We will read again after 10 years when they are 23 or 24 🙂


Name: Abhishek Boken
Class: 9th

Hello sir,
You are great, I am Abhishek

I think you made a very cool school
I’ll tell you something about the school
A place of peace, a place of respect
We do yoga and meditation

A piece of popcorn, escaped from the pan
Flew in the kitchen, like superman
Just like the students of
Indus world school

A place where you help in any case
If sad, make them happy
If you can’t see it, take a look in our class
The teachers are great, teaching us how to
Study in many ways

Made many drawings and paintings in many ways,
Sir shared his thoughts in a way through drawings.

I will not play a tug of war
I had rather play hug of war

Every one shouts, Instead of some
Everyone wins, every one cuddles,
And every one grins

If someone has a dream to fulfill
They go for it achieving it

Name: Karan Singh Boken
Class: 9th

Dear Sir, I am Karan
To me, Indus means a place where I learn along with my teachers and friends and we have fun. Every day I come here to learn something good so that it helps in my future. Indus is a group of people who all work together.
I learn many good things at Indus. It is a place where we meet our friends every day .So, at last I would like to only say, Indus is a place where we learn many good things for our bright future.

Name: Rajeev Boken
Class: 9th

Dear Satya sir,
Hello sir, I am Rajeev Boken. I have been in Indus for one and a half years and it has been a great experience. For me, Indus is a very good school. Better than the schools to which I had been before.
Indus is a very friendly school. The children are never beaten by teachers here. It is also not a very strict school. For me, school is where I come to study and learn many new things. Indus has these qualities. I like the way the teachers teach us. And I have nothing to say what you can change in this school. Thank you for building this school. It`s a great experience with you all in Indus till now.

Name: Anurag Mishra
Class: 8th

Hello Satya sir,
Hope you are enjoying your time with the students of Indus. We were told to write a letter to sharing “What does Indus mean to me and what more can you add to it?”
For me, Indus is the first place where I have seen no discrimination. I see equality between teachers and students. Here in Indus, children are made to get ready for the future.
Every time you meet us and say “Hello, young man or hello young woman”, it gives the feeling of being an adult and being responsible. Indus has helped me strengthen all my weaknesses and work on it.
Indus is doing everything to make us happy. Sir, to make us happier I request you to make extra-curricular activities a part of curricular activities. Children must even give a test and there must be sports matches throughout the year. Please also make a school musical band. If you can do it, it would be very helpful.

Name: Ishaan Sharma
Class: 9th

Dear Sir,
It has been 2 years since I joined Indus. Indus has many qualities which I wanted in a school and they are now fulfilled. I learnt many new types of sports at Indus which I didn’t even know existed such as handball, base kickball etc. Teachers at Indus are also very friendly and you can speak with them, clear your doubts and in return improves your learning. Sessions like I.K.T., Q.C.T. are also a very good way to get to know ourselves, our peers and our teachers.
You can also share with the teachers what you did not like about their actions and behavior. The annual functions and all the celebrations are uniquely done. Giving names such as Industsav, Indus Olympics, BAL Mela, Language week gives another twist to the celebration and adds excitement.
Some things I didn’t like are- our grade is the senior most and hence I know that it comes with some responsibilities. At times teachers scold us for what we aren’t responsible for. That just keeps on adding bad feelings for the school. All the things are great and if we aren’t scolded that means we haven’t done any mistake. Just because we are the oldest doesn’t mean it’s our mistake. If this problem is solved then our school is great!

Name: Anandita Narayanan
Class: 9th

Indus! A place full of love
Where you can share your feelings
Importance is given to everyone
The strengths and weaknesses shared equally

Indus! A place where we come to learn
To decide our future, prepare ourselves
We share the same thoughts and feelings
Of being together and learning too

Indus! A place where I love to come
To meet my friends and learn
The teachers here are so kind
You would always appreciate them any time

Indus! A place for learning a lot
Not only studies but even about life
We learn what’s right and wrong
We learn now to enjoy while learning!

Indus is a beautiful school
Any child would love to join!

Name: Anushka Shah
Class: 9th

Dear Satya Sir,
Today, you must be wondering why Anushka is writing to me? Is there a complaint about Uma ma’am or a request on behalf of Anandita, No, it’s neither complaint nor a request. It is just a sharing about Indus.
Indus has been my home since 6th April, 2015. I have learnt, played and enjoyed at Indus. This school has been my dream school, where the teachers find new ways to educate the students. Concepts such as birthday celebration, I.K.T., Q.C.T. –these are a great way to understand ourselves, our peers and our teachers. Indus as a school celebrates each child and also celebrates the new ways of teaching.
Since 14th August, CL and Indus are celebrating their 20th birthday. I wanted to share with you how much I enjoy here. Being the senior most, I have some responsibilities. Today, I want to make a promise to you, sir. Being the senior most doesn’t mean that I can misuse the power given to me and I will try not to pin point others’ mistake without seeing mine.
Now, I’m keeping my pen down. I am hoping to hear from you soon. I feel nice after writing down my feelings for Indus. Thank you for building Indus as fun place to learn.

Name: Siri Nasreen
Class: 9th

Dear Satya Sir,
To me, Indus means a place where I am free to learn and share my learning’s with my friends. This place not only teaches me what freedom is but also prepares me for my future. I am very lucky to be at Indus because Indus gives the child opportunities in life and here we can freely discuss what we want to be in life in our lives. This happens in very few schools. The festivals that we celebrate in school also brings along a lot of responsibilities to our class. We always take those responsibilities because we know that these are going to lead us to a better life.
My only request is to have better space management in events where the whole school has to come together. It becomes very stuffy for so many children to sit in a single room. Thank you

Name: Drishti Chitkara
Class: 9th

Dear Satya sir,
It’s been a long time since I have written to you. I’m glad that I have got this opportunity to write to you and share about our school.
To me, Indus means a place where children can actually decide which way to go in future. We come to school, enjoy with our friends and also study. I just love the way the teachers play their roles. They play with children, separately tell the child and explain wherever she/he is stuck in and also they love the way the children are.
Even if I tried hard I wouldn’t find excuses to miss the school.. It is a place full of joy and knowledge. The way it is, it should stay forever!!


"Hope this does not bore you to death. This is my effort to stay relevant by honing a skill or two with respect to the webworld" - Satya

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  1. Sonal JD

    Dear Sir,

    I have read the letters of some of the students and I will be reading it whenever I get time because I want to go through those letters often. I really felt very happy because the students are so happy and responsible. And it cannot be seen in many of the schools. School life is the one which we cherish always. So hats off to you for creating such an environment in the School. Good Luck

  2. monica Jaiswal

    Amazing expressions Satya loved reading each and every letter and do experience similar things in Indore as well
    GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )


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