Entrepreneurship in India is not easy. It was tougher in the 1990s for a first generation entrepreneur with USD 100 in his pocket.  Entrepreneurship in Education was even rarer. Building an educational organisation with over a million customers from scratch is completely unheard of even today unless you know Satya. Satya Narayanan R, a first generation entrepreneur and the Founder-Chairman of CL Educate.


About Satya Narayanan R

Satya calls himself a ‘teacher – entrepreneur’.Satya started CL with a dozen students in 1994 when he was a 24 year old himself and has led the dramatic growth of CL into one of most respected education companies known for ethical practices and cutting edge innovation by being true to his passion – Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring etc,.

Satya’sroutine includes training the top end CXOs and entrepreneurs at the top, college going youth and all the way down to the Grade V kids at Indus World School and subjects ranging from Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, English and Indian Languages including Urdu. Satya is a much invited speakers at conferences and teaching requests across leading technology and business schools across the world.

Satya is a multi-faceted personality who is most proud of his accomplishments as a sportsman and as a poet in Urdu.  Satya has played cricket all the way upto University level competitively before going to IIM Bangalore for his management degree.   Satya is also a polyglot who is proficient in over ten languages and is a noted poet for his published works in Urdu.  Satya has collaborated with musicians to bring out musical albums that you can access on the social media.

Satya blogs actively and his views can be accessed at www.satyaspeaks.com.  Satya is an alumnus of St. Stephen’s college, Delhi and IIM-Bangalore. Satya is married to Uma Ramachandran and they live in Delhi with their daughter, Anandita.


About CL Educate :

CL Educate, formerly called Career Launcher,  spans a wide range of education and training activities including test-prep, vocational or skills education, K-12 Schools and publishing. CL touches over 100,000 schools and 10,000 colleges across India and is the largest pure-education For Profit education company with over a million paid customers this year alone. More details about CL can be accessed at www.cleducate.com

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  1. Ranjana

    Hi Satya ji,

    Greetings! This is Ranjana. You may remember me from our brief association during your visits to the Brahma Kumaris, Om Shanti Retreat Centre at Manesar for CL programs. I was then the Program Coordinator there. I was trying to reach you. Can I have your email address where I could write to you in detail.

    Thanks and Look forward,


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