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Covid19 is a bio-war in your balcony. Take care of health and team

Dear CL-ite, My mental location is that of an army general in a war room.  Covid19 is, quite literally, a war situation. A bio-war across the world at once !   In every country, city, town and locality. From a conventional/ business-as-usual(BAU) mindset or perspective, we are in the pursuit of business. But, this situation is …Read more »

AWS Imagine conference

Cloud and Voice are the next big things that are already here. The tech giants are betting big on this. Amazon, through AWS and Alexa, has bet big not only in these two technologies but in education / professional reskilling as a segment. Here at seattle at “AWS Imagine” conference that has leaders from education …Read more »

Industry-Academia Link: a chasm, a broken link or a great opportunity?

The link between academia & industry is a broken one, not just in India but across the world. In fact, it never was built consciously in the first place, not even in the developed nations over the past many decades. Hugely inter-dependent and evolved sub-systems can surely be seen as in Boston/Massachusetts, California, Tel Aviv, …Read more »