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Union Budget 2017 : No bad news is good news!


Macroeconomics, Romance and IIMB : I studied macroeconomics (economics itself, for that matter) for the first time in my post-graduation (IIM-Bangalore) during the 1991-1993 era. Remember, this was the India sunrise era and MMS was the FM. Our professor was Prof. Indira Rajaraman (IR) who brought romance-with-Eco into the classroom through her lucidity and intellectual …Read more »

Letter to me


Archiving for 2026 August 22, 2016 It is a joy reading these letters to me by the children of grades 8 and 9 at IWS Gurgaon. Do read and enjoy. We will read again after 10 years when they are 23 or 24 Satya Name: Abhishek Boken Class: 9th Hello sir, You are great, I …Read more »

Sangam – Hoga! Hoga! Hoga! Institution – Industry Sangam !


Sangam – Hoga! Hoga! Hoga! Institution – Industry Sangam ! Alak is a progressive Vice Chancellor of Dibrugarh University (Assam) and presides over a network of over 150 affiliated colleges spread and wide & across Upper Assam. On the univ campus too, there are over 4500 students covering engineering, mgmt, social sciences and so on……He …Read more »