AWS Imagine conference

Cloud and Voice are the next big things that are already here. The tech giants are betting big on this. Amazon, through AWS and Alexa, has bet big not only in these two technologies but in education / professional reskilling as a segment.

Here at seattle at “AWS Imagine” conference that has leaders from education – corporate leaders K12/Higher Ed, EdTech and policy makers.

Andrew Ko, MD-AWS and Teresa Carlson, VP-Public Sector lead the conference.

Cloud degrees and Voicetech transformation are beginning to see traction. Are you cued into this shift in education?

What is Voicetech ?
Voice will replace typing are keyboard led interaction between man and machine that is the core hypothesis of voiceTech Revolution. Google, Apple, Amazon, Alibaba are leading the multibillion-dollar investments into this future innovation.

Every day mgmt of customer / student life :
Information about products/servuces/ programs, info on all aspects of consumer engagement are some of the interfaces that are moving into an Alexa or Siri or OK Google interaction.
This is called the Voice enabling of everyday management of a customer’s life.

Every company, brand, university have to enable these information using voice technology or chatbot on their websites.

Help me learn:
The next stage of voice Tech is in the area of ‘help me learn’. How do you perform better with a product, – are the next level of applications that are being researched and developed by this technology Giants.

You can join these movements and innovate along with the world. Or stay cued in, at least.

The world is transforming infinitesimally every moment 🙂

Fascinating, to say the least 🙂

What are Cloud degrees ?
Students or professionals enroll for courses on cloud from a variety of universities, collect credits, aggregate that into a degree with certificates in various areas.
Internships/real world experience will be on cloud with touch points on the ground.

Industry accepts these degrees and participate in a placement process that is tech-enabled with f2f touches where needed.

This movement is gathering momentum. Amazon web services is working on building this cloud university with courses from top universities or professors.

Are you wanting to host/offer a course or two from your company / campus or dept or a biz leader ?

Are you wanting to recruit from this cloud univ world shortly ?

An interesting question !



"Hope this does not bore you to death. This is my effort to stay relevant by honing a skill or two with respect to the webworld" - Satya

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