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Beshumaar fasal-e-gul guzree magar
yeh meelon sa falak
tunay kahan mehfooz rakha
jis say main bhi wabastah nah tha
kal shab
bahut der ik jheel-e-aahistgi mein
main tairta raha
ik bekaraan si kirmich jis par main
unglion say tasaaweer banaata raha
bag-e-manzil saamnay tha magar
main naye pagdandiyon kay mazay loot-ta raha
sulagti hui tishna-e-bayabaan ko
pur-sukoon baadal gherte rahe
ahista ahista
der talak paani barasta raha
ahista ahista

– Satya (Muasir)

Language has no religion

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