Sangam – Hoga! Hoga! Hoga! Institution – Industry Sangam !

Sangam – Hoga! Hoga! Hoga! Institution – Industry Sangam !

Alak is a progressive Vice Chancellor of Dibrugarh University (Assam) and presides over a network of over 150 affiliated colleges spread and wide & across Upper Assam. On the univ campus too, there are over 4500 students covering engineering, mgmt, social sciences and so on……He anchors the supply side of India’s talent pool. His university is keen and competent to do research in the areas of petrotech, agrotech (Tea Technology) and Pharma/Healthcare.

Kunwar Sachdev is a firstgen entrepreneur who has built India’s largest power system and solartech company in the last two decades. He is a hands-on innovator constantly looking for innovations and innovating youth – on campus or elsewhere. He represents the demand side for the Indian talent.

I feel great enabling this bridge between the supply and demand side of Indian youth in very exciting ways –
1. Sukam is funding 25 research fellowships of 1 Lakh each in all our university campuses in the area of energytech – from solar to tidal to anything renewable. Kunwar wants to rise it to 100 fellowships in the next academic year

2. SuKam has already established an energy lab in Manav Rachna University. They wish to do it in 4 more handpicked universities through the research incubation program with us – CL Educate / Accendere. Each lab costs Rs 10 Lakhs of equipments alone.

3. SuKam will campus recruit any fellow recommended by the Accendere mentorship program and will back any start-up that is recommended by the business incubation mentoring bpRd of CL Educate.

I believe this is the ‘here & now’.. Alak, Prashant, Kunwar represent the leadership that drives the new era of industry – youth partnership (through universities). This has been the secret of success at Stanford, MIT, HK univ, and so on.

We intend bringing 50 corporates, 50 handpicked universities, 30,000 student innovators, 1000 fellowships (2016) going up to 10,000(2017), 3000 published research papers by students, 300 patents filed, 150 companies incubated by this date next year!

Now, You know what I am killing time wth …….. Masterji ki Naukri jaari hai :). Working towards the ‘sangam’ of the institutes and the real world entrepreneurs / industry !



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